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aqua balance soft

Aqua balance


The most innovative contact lens care product for the care of (sensitive )eyes and all soft contact lenses.

Aqua Balance gentle rub ® stands for the most efficiënt anti-microbial action with the excellent comforting, protecting and lubricating properties of the natural visco-elastictear component hyaluronate high definition and the cell protecting biological substance allantoin (patented).

Aqua Balance gentle rub ® gets rid of impurities on the lenses with a Gentle Rub® action that also cleans and keeps the silicon hydrogels in perfect shape. The hypo-allergenic product formulation is designed to take care of your lenses as well as your eyes. This is unique and therefore we state:

“What is good for the eyes, should also be part of any contact lens solution”

Aqua Balance gentle rub ® offers the most modern, innovative product formulation and consequently does NOT contain industrial enzymes, highly concentrated chemicals, animal-derived substances and/or unsubstantiated vitamin additions.

  - Conventional bottles
  - Oval and Flat Mail bottles

  - 30 ml, 60 ml, 120 ml, 240 ml, 360 ml
  - Multi-packs with lens case(s)

   Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC
   ISO 13485:2003
   ISO 9001:2000

Aqua Balance gentle rub ® has been subjected to various tests and trials regarding efficacy, safety and acceptability which are part of the product’s file, as approved by the Medical Device Notified Body as well as part of the FDA submission (USA).

Date of following tests/trials are on file:
  - Anti-microbial efficacy
  - Safety profile in cyto-toxicity testing; short andlong-term safety; (highest safety Grade -0-)
  - Contact lens compatibility studies (specifically Silicon Hydrogel Lenses)
  - Consumer (wearers and new-fits) acceptability trials
  - Harmless, yet highly effective cleaning efficacy
  - Clinical trial according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Aqua Balance gentle rub ® is a safe disinfecting, cleaning, moisturising, rinsing and storing solution that effectively removes protein deposits from contact lenses, to be used in the daily maintenance & care of all types of soft contact lenses, including silicon hydrogel lenses.

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