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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli International NV, a privately owned company, is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of contact lens solutions and eye care products. Lapis Lazuli offers its world-wide customers a special service of developing and realising a brand name and private label.

Lapis Lazuli offers a complete line of lens care solutions for soft and hard (rigid gas permeable) contact lenses. The products include a patented multipurpose solution containing the natural tear fluid component hyaluronate and the safe, natural cell protecting substance allantoin, for all types of soft and hard contact lenses including silicon hydrogel lenses. All products are manufactured in-house according to pharmaceutical GMP standards.

Ultimate eye comfort and healthy eyes are of vital importance. Therefore, Lapis Lazuli has been reducing the number of chemical additives in lens solutions and eye drops as well as reducing the concentration of these additives, to obtain the lowest possible degree of toxicity and the highest degree of safe comfort. Lapis Lazuli developed all product formulas on the basis of the most recent scientific and technological state-of-the art in cooperation with a team of specialists from the USA and Europe.

Bottom line is that the eyes belong to the most vital organs of the body and, therefore, one should use only products that take care both of the contact lenses and the eye. Products that contain the least possible amount of artificial and/ or chemical additives.

Meanwhile, Lapis Lazuli is in the possession of a FDA marketing authorization (USA) for one of their lens care solutions for soft contact lenses.

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